Grow from Feedback

clinton-trump“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” Ken Blanchard

Do you ever find yourself wanting to get more feedback, but you’re just not sure how?  Well,  one easy way to get insights  from others that you can use to grow as a person  is to offer an anonymous  “More or Less” survey to those around you. Basically, you’re  asking them to tell you what they’d like to see you do more of, less of, or keep the same. It’s  simple and brief, and because it’s anonymous, the feedback will likely be more honest, and ultimately more helpful.

Now before you start, recognize that this process will be most helpful to you when you’re feeling good about yourself, when you’ve got the personal stability to receive what could be some negative feedback. As well, keep in mind that others will respond to their perception of you, not your intentions. So, find out how you’re viewed.

If you’re ready to hear the thoughts of others on how they think  you can grow as a person, then let’s get started.

First, go to and check out “Plans and pricing”, set up a “BASIC FREE”   account. By the way, you may end up using this account  for other surveys.

Next, design your survey. Click here for a sample. 

Finally, write up a brief  “Can you help me…” cover memo and send it out with the survey  link or you can have a third party send it out on your behalf.  Here’s a sample message:

Dear Co-worker, (Friend, Team member,etc)

     As you may know, I’m working to be the best that I can be as a person and as a manager. I recognize that sometimes, despite my good intentions, my behavior could be misunderstood and received in ways that I don’t intend. Would you please help me in this process by sharing your perceptions with me by completing this very brief anonymous survey:

Place the link here.

   Thank you for helping me to grow.


  Now you just sit back and enjoy your “Breakfast of Champions.”

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”  Bill Gates