Training Options:

(Each workshop requires 1 to 1 ½ hours and is $250, plus travel,etc.)

    1. Creating an Organizational Culture – Learn why customer service matters and which principles of organizational dynamics affect the culture and the delivery of customer service. Know how to recognize and apply these principles to create an organizational culture that motivates staff to eagerly adopt the company Vision, Mission and “Best Practices” of customer service.
    2. Growing Enthusiastic Customers- Understand the more than 25 moments of decision the typical customer encounters on his way to a long-term relationship with your business. You can lose the customer at any of these decision points or, if presented properly, you can use each moment as an opportunity to draw the customer closer to you with a greater loyalty to you and your business.
    3. Why People Do What They Do? Learn the four basic temperaments and how your personality type influences your own behavior and the behavior of others. At the same time, learn the strengths and growth opportunities for each type.
    4. Connect with Anyone. (Follows #3 above.) Use your understanding of personality to attract, lead, motivate and communicate with others in such a way that you gain their respect, loyalty and cooperation.
    5. Remember People and Names- This proven method has assisted thousands of people in remembering names and information about others. This skill is essential to developing meaningful relationships with others.
    6. Listen Effectively- Learn how to be a great conversationalist and listen in such a way that relationships are enhanced and communication is made more efficient and effective.
    7. Resolve Difficult Issues- Develop the ability to skillfully present difficult issues in a forthright but sensitive manner that, not only, addresses concerns, but also, enhances relationships.
    8. Manage Angry People- Know what to do to bring about peace when heated conflict and confrontation come at you. Learn to do this in such a self-controlled manner that you, not only, avoid broken relationships, but also, build even stronger connections with people who confront you.
    9. Basic Supervision- Learn a proven behavior modification method that allows you to provide fair, clear, consistent leadership to anyone aged 2 to 92. This leadership tool helps you to be in fuller control of your emotions while providing behavior-changing guidance to a child or an employee. You can get adults or children to do what you want them to do and be respected and admired as a leader.
    10. Lead Effective Committees- You will learn the basics of accomplishing work through committees, how to run effective meetings and assure that goals and objectives are accomplished.
    11. Apologize with Healing- This class provides participants with the skills to make an apology that, not only, heals wounded relationships, but also, actually improves the relationship with the customer, co-worker or friend.
    12. Great Boards- The A, B, C’s-Come away from this workshop with a step by step action plan written specifically to assure that your board is admired as one of the best. You’ll learn the “Best Practices” that are used by the most effective boards in recruiting, training, building relationships, conducting meetings, planning and accomplishing objectives.


Consulting Options:

(Fee is $50/hour, plus travel, etc))
Workplace Review– Low staff morale, poor job satisfaction or high turnover, will minimize the effectiveness of planning, training and other motivational efforts. A workplace review will assess your current climate and set a results-oriented action plan to assure that your staff is primed to learn, grow and produce the most effective results.

Individual Counsel- Sometimes a situation calls for more focused attention with one or a few individuals. Should there be a need for relational or life-coaching, I can provide that.

Strategic Planning- Relationships and motivation are strongest when you know who you are and where you’re going as an individual and as a company. I can lead you through a strategic planning process that will create or renew your Vision, Mission, Values, Slogan, Goals and Objectives.

On-line Surveys- A valuable feedback tool with customers, staff or other leaders, an on-line one-page survey is $150. This includes access to summary results at any time.


Speaking Options:

(Fee is $250/hour, plus travel, etc)
Motivational Speaker– Dick is comfortable in speaking to large or small groups in any situation that gives him an opportunity to energize and encourage people, personally, vocationally and as a team.


Questions and Answers

What’s the philosophical basis of Dick’s work?
Everything is built upon the principles taught by Christ.

How “spiritual” is his program?
The spiritual content is up to the sponsor. Some organizations want none; some want as much as possible.

What do others think of the program?
Dick’s evaluations continually average over 9.0 out of 10. References are also available.

Is it possible to get Dick’s services at a lower fee?
Special consideration on all fees will be given to small non-profit organizations.

Is there any cost to discuss my needs with Dick?
There’s no charge to discuss your needs. After hearing about your interest, Dick will provide you with his recommended options with estimated costs.Contact Dick .