“…you will be able to go from an individual hoping for a future to an individual making your future happen.”…”It’s your time; It’s your turn.” – Dr Phil

Might it be time for you to stop trying to fix everyone else’s life and instead stabilizing your own? You’ll never be able to live up to your potential, without a reasonable degree of …

Personal Stability – If you’re not on solid ground as a person, you’re starting from a position of imbalance that limits your ability to think about others and can be unsettling to those you’re in relationship with or to those you are responsible to lead.You become unpredictable to those around you.

Without PS, you will be blown around by the needs of your own aches and pains, the opinions of others and your own unsettled and negative thoughts. Check out your PS. Consider your health in each of these areas- body, mind and spirit.

Body How are you feeling? What do your health numbers tell you? Have you had a good physical in the past year and, if you have, are you working toward the goals that your Doc pointed you to? Are you exercising regularly? Do you have an accountability partner?

Mind- Is your attitude confident and positive? Do you have any unresolved issues that are sapping strength from your ability to think clearly. Do you sleep well? Don’t be shy about getting help. Consider counseling. Your health care plan may provide coverage. If not, seek out a trusted friend.

Regularly fill your head with positive images of yourself, your future and the team around you. Avoid extended relationships with negative people and situations. Watch uplifting movies. Read motivational books. Start every day with an encouraging thought. Need a quick boost right now? Check this out.

Spirit- Have you found a place of peace with regard to your existence here on earth? From a Christian perspective, Rick Warren’s all time best seller, “What on Earth Am I Here For?” has helped many get balance in the spiritual realm. His book set all time record sales levels. Keep asking questions until you find your own place of peace.

Maintaining a high level of PS is an ongoing work, but your fundamental stability is essential if you want to be the best that you can be as a person and as a leader. PS is just the first step on the road to personal fulfillment. My future posts will look at the subsequent steps toward a fulfilling life.