Why do so many organizations have a blurry vision of their purpose? Or worse yet, no vision at all. It’s a missed opportunity to stir passions and raise sights for the team with a motivational word picture. Blurry visions aren’t energizing and the reason for this blurry picture can simply be a lack of understanding of the term vision.

It’s called a vision statement because it’s supposed to give you a picture. Answer the question, “What’s our greatest possible outcome look like?”. There’s your vision. For the humanitarian non-profit, Feeding America their vision is “A Hungry Free America.” Now that image will stir passions and prompt contributions.

For my own consulting business my vision is to see “…content, dedicated, people, working as a team toward a brighter future.” It answers the question, ” If we hire you, what will the best results look like?”

Note that your vision isn’t the same as your mission, which should answer the question, “What will we do to reach our vision?”. My mission statement says that I’ll provide “… enlightening training, motivating speaking and discerning consulting.” It’s what I do, not the final visionary outcome.

Check your vision. If your statement AIMS, it’s probably a great one.

It should be: A-Audacious, I-Imaginable, M- Motivational and S-Simple.

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